Why Arteevo

Our expertise and focus on blockchain-based decentralized business applications enables us to quickly build and deploy solutions and processes on public blockchains, for applications ranging from travel inventory management to insurance and digital currency trading. Our team has a deep knowledge in decentralized applications, security, privacy and smart user experience.


Our Offering

We develop decentralized applications that implement cost-efficient and secure blockchain-based business solutions. Based on analysis of needs and potential benefits of migrating existing business processes to blockchain, we build, test and deploy robust decentralized solutions.


We design architectures based on private or public blockchains, combining off-chain components with on-chain smart contracts for speed and performance.

Decentralized applications

We develop trustless decentralized applications using smart contracts that automate business processes and deliver cost efficiency and continuity.


Our systems and applications are secure by design. We build extensive cyber threat protection and security monitoring into our solution architectures.

Privacy and encryption

Our solutions are GDPR-compliant and protect user identities and data using public key cryptography and privacy-by-design methodologies.